Data Up

The easy-to-use trade management tool 

At Digital Valley we have developed and offer you a complete commercial management application that meets the needs of modern business. With convenience and speed in mind, we created it Data Up where you can, among others

And much more. With a multitude of programs that cover from the smallest business to groups of companies, choose today based on your own needs and see for yourself the benefits that an easy-to-use and complete tool can have in your work.


5 /month

  • For businesses and freelancers who want an easy-to-use and economical management program for sending invoices


10 /month

  • An integrated financial management system for companies and professionals with the provision of services and products that provides solutions to your daily needs


15 /month

  • The complete management program for your company. Designed to cover, easily and quickly, all the needs of a modern business
Special packets

Moreover special packets for specific professionals are available 


10 /month

  • Everything a clinic needs for its daily operations. It includes all the features of the Standard package with a specialized user interface. 


15 /month

  • The most complete program for a modern clinic. It includes all the features of the business package with additional functions exclusively for doctors, in a specialized user environment

The prices do not include VAT
The programs concern 12-month subscriptions and are billed annually

Additional packages

Combine the programs with one or more benefit packages and enjoy an even more personalized user experience

Files upload

Upload your files and connect them with your contacts and appointments

Upgraded warehouse

Manage recipes, merchandise and complex tasks with inventory calculation


Connect with online payment providers with automatic sending of payment requests and collection management


Easy and fast management and configuration of your branches

User administration

Set accesses for different user accounts

Special packets

Packages and billing times tailored to the specific needs of specific trades such as seasonal professionals*

See terms & conditions for detailed price list. 

Ορισμένα πρόσθετα και λειτουργίες θα είναι διαθέσιμα σύντομα

*terms and conditions apply.

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Why DataUp

Some of the most important features that make the DataUp app stand out 

Unlimited use

Issue and receive an unlimited number of receipts and invoices. Also register contacts and appointments without restrictions


With the careful selection of partners and the use of the most modern technologies, you can be sure that your data and information are always safe

Ease of use

With an upgraded search and plenty of options for customization, everything becomes so easy and fast

Personalized programs

From industry-specific packages to customized seasonal professional programs, the app is designed around your needs

Financial management

With upgraded financial management and automatic calculation of taxes, withholdings and commissions you can have a complete picture of your finances


With the DataUp app, needs like GDPR consent, contact registration, sending and confirming receipts and many other daily tasks are done easily and quickly

Available services depend on the selected package

  • Beginner
  • Standard
  • Popular
Features BeginnerStandard
Automatic connection with MyData
Income/expense management
Automatic email send
Use of personal email account
Appointment management
Company contacts
automatic input with VAT
Receive invoices
receive incoming invoices
Persons contact+
Input of services+
input of products+
Invoice cloning+
Appointment service pricing
Add services and products to appointments
Invoice templates++
Bank contacts
Automatically calculate withholdings and manage your accounts
Notes print
Print your notes with templates
Send consent invitations
Ask your customers for data processing and registration consents (GDPR)
Automatic appointment invoicing+
Data import from contacts Coming Soon
Ask your clients to import data with forms
Input forms Coming Soon
Enter data and history using personalized forms
Upload αρχείων Coming Soon+
Prescription merchandise Coming Soon
Σύνθετα εμπορεύματα απο συνδιασμό προιόντων με υπολογισμό αποθεμάτων
E-payments Coming Soon
Connection with e-payment vendors for automatic send and receive payment requests
Stores Coming Soon+
User administration Coming Soon
Set different accesses for your users

Frequent questions

I have no computer knowledge. Can I use the app easily?

The Data Up app is designed to provide the fastest and most hassle-free user experience. No technical knowledge is required to be able to enjoy the features that are given to you. With the correct configuration of the application, everything will become incredibly easy and fast.

Is the DataUp app only for sending invoices to AADE's MyData?

No. The DataUp application is a complete commercial management system for your business. It covers all the needs of the modern professional as well as the transmission of documents to AADE. and transmition of invoices to AADE

Are special programs provided for specific professional sectors?

The Data Up application is designed to meet the needs of every professional. However, a special user environment adapted to their particular needs has been developed for the medical sector. Special packages for other industries will be added soon

how many users can I have to my account?

The Data Up app offers access for up to two users per account. There is the possibility for more users if the need arises. All users have the same access rights. User management plugin should be provided for access control

Can I choose a DataUp plan and upgrade my subscription along the way?

Digital Valley's DataUp plans always have the option of upgrading to a larger plan. But there are also many offers that are constantly renewed. If you are not sure which program meets your needs, contact us and we will help you choose the right one.

Can I issue invoices and service receipts from my mobile phone?

The user interface of the Data Up application is designed to be accessible from any type of device. So you can issue your documents from your mobile at any time. In addition, with the service of sending the documents by e-mail you can send them to your clients, completing the issuing process even when you are out of the office.

My company has branches. Can I manage them centrally?

Of course. We provide special packages for companies with branches so that they can manage all their stores in a centralized and unified manner, easily and simply, from the same user environment.

What is the minimum duration of the programs?

Our basic plans are billed annually and run for 12 months. Also for seasonal businesses shorter programs can be created according to their needs.*

Can I count bank withholdings and commissions in my income?

The DataUp application can automatically calculate any deductions and commissions when generating your receipts. So you will have an accurate picture of your finances at all times. 

Do I have to manually enter the documents I have sent to AADE to date in the Data Up application?

No. The Data Up application is automatically connected to AADE's My Data system and is automatically updated for both incoming and outgoing documents. In addition, all your document series and their numbering are automatically created, thus eliminating the possibility of error. Even your suppliers and corporate customers are automatically saved by updating all their data.