Sites & e-shop

From your professional site to your E-Shop, we create together and in accordance with your needs the website you have dreamed of for your business and beyond. No matter how complex the creation of a site is, with Digital Valley you can be sure of a unique and perfect result.

Frequent questions

Can I have my own domain name?

The first step to creating a website is finding the right Domain Name. Together we do the search and registration of the name that will be the identity of your site

Can I have personalized email accounts?

With each site or e-shop we also create the corresponding email accounts you need

Will my site be secure?

Security is one of the main features of a functional site. We issue and install the necessary certificates so you can be sure that communication with your website is always encrypted   

Do I need to have my site content ready?

No one knows your business better than you. If you still find it difficult to capture your thoughts in texts, we can take over the creation of the content making the process even simpler for you 

How will I learn to manage my site?

After the creation, the technical management of the site is done by us without you having to spend time on it. For e-shops and their operation, we provide you with full training both for their use and for the renewal of content and products. 

What logo can I use on the site?

Your business logo is your identifier and it could not be absent from your site. If you have not designed a logo, we can undertake its creation and of course its adaptation to your website

Do I need to refresh the content of my site?

In a site there are several pieces that are dynamic and help to attract more visitors. The renewal of the content can be done by you or we can undertake the renewal whenever you ask us

If I would like to promote my site?

The best site cannot bring the expected results if it does not become known and has no traffic. During creation we take care of all those elements that make a website friendly to search engines. Of course we can undertake the promotion of your sites according to your own needs